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Seeking Arrangement Review

The most hated thing by couples all around the world in a relationship is a compromise. People hate to compromise, even if it is beneficial to the relationship or to satisfy or make their other half happy. Most of these compromises happen because old men enter into relationships with young women with no fixed boundaries or terms and hence when a boundary is crossed, or a term changed, they need to compromise on it, to maintain their relationship.

Direct communication is often missing to avoid hurting their significant other and hence further messes up the relationship. Seeking Arrangement provides a new form and style of relationships where old men can date younger women and the people in the relationship can get whatever they want from the relationship, whenever they want it.

What is SeekingArrangement?

SeekingArrangement is a website which offers a whole new breed of relationships for people who hate the pitfalls of traditional relationships. They provide a medium of the relationship between sugar babies and sugar daddy or mommies, people who are successful in life and who just want younger and beautiful company by their side.

Simply put, it is one of the most popular sugar dating websites in the world where young women can date old men and vice versa.

The only requirement from the old men is that they have no qualms when it comes to the amount of money they spend, and the number of trips they take their sugar babies on.

And the young women? Well, all they have to do is be beautiful and look good by their sugar daddy’s side. They get to experience the lifestyle of the wealthy and go on exotic travels along with their sugar daddy.

SeekingArrangement provides an arrangement of dating between older men and younger women which stops wasting their time by clearly stating what each of them needs in the relationship, no more, no less. Hence it is a relationship in your terms.

Why SeekingArrangement?

  • This website is ideal for old men dating young women who clearly know and expect certain things in their relationship and won’t compromise for anything less
  • For people who have money to spend on others and people who want money to be spent on them in exchange for their beauty, this is the perfect place to meet and match up with each other.
  • It boasts four sugar babies for each sugar daddy on the website


People can sign up for a standard account for free and the process for registration is quite simple. However, a standard account doesn’t count for much and most people end up paying for the premium account which contains all the features.

The pricing for the premium account is as follows:

Months Price Savings

  • 6 Months $69.95 per month 22%
  • 3 Months $79.95 per month 11%
  • 1 Month $89.95 per month —

When purchasing a gold membership through check card / credit card / PayPal, please be aware that our one-month memberships automatically renew unless you are notified to turn off the billing.

Top Features:

  • Privacy: This website provides a perfect place for sharing private information about each other, including private photos and details which shouldn’t be out in public.
  • YMatch system: People can search for their future partners through various filters like age, height, location, education and even trivial factors like hair color.
  • Highlight other members: This website gives us the option to favorite other members
  • Verified Background: The background of everyone on the website is verified and true. No fake people or bots are allowed, cutting down the risk of fraud to a minimum.
  • Real-time messaging: Every message sent by people to each other is sent in real time and hence prevents any possible delay in conversations.
  • Active around the world: This website has active members in more than 139 countries having more than 10 million active members around the world with 8 million young women to 2 million old men.
  • PARTIES!: Invitations to private and exclusive SeekingArrangement parties make this website an awesome place.
  • Other features: People with a .edu email address automatically qualifies for a free account.
  • They have a podcast called Let’s Talk Sugar which offers advice to anyone in the sugar dating scene.

Ease Of Use:

SeekingArrangement is one of the easiest to use dating websites. It is completely free to sign up and after providing your email address, you can skip filling out your profile in favor of jumping right into your search. Most of the information in your profile is optional and hence can wait while searching for prospects.

SeekingArrangement is one of the most efficient sugar dating websites in the world where older men can date younger women and it is the best way to look for a date and the least cumbersome form of finding dates for your events and trips.

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