5 Steps to Seeking Mutually Beneficial Arrangements

1. After the initial "Hi, how are you" greeting, quickly cut to the point and say what you are looking for and the rewards you are willing to provide-both parties should know "what is this" for them, so that Continue to spend valuable time interacting.

2. Establish an agreement before face-to-face meetings via website messages or texting-do not encounter this opportunity during face-to-face meetings, because feelings of anxiety or excitement may overshadow your judgment, cause calculation errors, and may cause you to lose Protection-Considering high-voltage sales, such as buying a car, face-to-face transaction excitement can cause you to bear unacceptably high costs under adverse conditions. If you reach an agreement with the other party long before the face-to-face meeting, and the transaction is fully concluded, then this will not happen. So when you finally meet in person, it will be a celebration, not a puzzling endeavor.

3. Schedule a quick video chat date-It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but today some online pictures may be so tempting that you only say four letter words! On the other hand, real-time streaming video is more likely to show the real gains from the face-to-face meeting.

4. Agree to the "free and no obligation to meet and meet" mini-dating-after you have a video chat, it is like a second appointment, which further increases the harmony and comfort-if you are not willing to be able to video chat, then you Here you can evaluate the chemical reaction and attractiveness to help decide whether to further develop this relationship.

5. Once you reach a consensus, you can finally enter the interesting part: the integration of the body!

Do not discuss allowance on your first suagr daddy date

As a sugar daddy who has dated a potential sugar baby a few times, I think of the biggest darling: when you first dated a potential sugar dad, you discussed the allowance excessively. Note that there are too many keywords. This includes discussing the monetary conditions for everything I can do after establishing a relationship. I have a potential sugar baby, and she said that if I need her to wear a dress instead of other clothes, she will ask for an extra allowance, and I will not even ask her to wear a specific dress.

The subtle discussion about allowances is completely understandable, but understandably, it is more important to impress your potential dad, especially if your potential dad has a strong confidence in chemistry. If your potential dad doesn’t find any chemical reaction between the two, even if you are the most beautiful and smart girl around, it’s nothing.